The History Of Mr. Winter

It all started in 1976 when Manuel Mijares first opened Mr. Winter with two business partners.
What began as a small sales service company serving the local market grew exponentially
within five short years. Mijares dissolved his partners and focused his efforts on growing the
In 1981, Mr. Winter obtained its first true manufacturing facility, expanding to cover more of the
South Florida market. This facility allowed the company to expand to the northeast to cater to a
broader international market. With the success of the expansion, the company moved to a
15,000 square foot facility.
The 90’s proved a time of growth for Mr. Winter. Manuel’s son, David Mijares, joined the team
and contributed to the family business in the form of continued success and growth. Mr. Winter
upgraded to a 30,000 square foot facility to cater to the continental United States, Central and
South America, and parts of Europe and Asia. With the expansion to the global market, the
product line expanded as well to include retrofitted doors, manual sliding doors, reach in
equipment, display coolers, and more.
The turn of the century brought about automated production and the incorporation of robotic
technology to Mr. Winter. In 2012, the company expanded once again to a 60,000 square foot
Throughout the evolution of Mr. Winter for the past four decades, a few things have remained
constant. At the core of the business is a family run company with a strong focus in providing
exceptional customer service, customizable products, quick turnaround times at a competitive

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